Homeschoolers are often required to generate and maintain critical educational records.

Such information may include attendance records, instructional plans, progress reports, grades and test results. Workshop’s  six modules empower homeschoolers everywhere to facilitate these actions using one system.

Workshop also allows homeschoolers to teach curriculum content (they have secured) in a comprehensive, structured environment, communicate with each other, share timely information and facilitate or engage in professional development and training.

An online educational management tool, Workshop is practical, process-driven and...easy to use.

Workshop: Serving Grades K-12.

Workshop also supports Special Needs and English Language Development instruction.


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One Easy System for All Your Needs

Planning Manager

  • Create, store and retrieve lesson plans.
  • Document daily schedule.

Attendance Manager

  • Manage attendance. 
  • Record and monitor student participation.

Implementation Manager

  • Enter and retrieve grades and homework records. 
  • Create and retrieve IEP/ELD records

Classroom Management Assistant

  • Monitor student behavior. 
  • Create, retrieve and send student progress reports.

Assesment Manager

  • Assess students. and enter, store and retrieve test scores. 
  • Customize and create student data reports.

Tools and Resources

  • View/create data reports for all modules. 
  • Connect with other homeschoolers. 
  • Engage in professional development.


One-Time Payment

One time payment of $100 for one
year access (up to five children).

Additional one-time payment of $50

for next five children. (17% savings)